Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Jacket for my Mum (kinda)

So, this jacket has been finished for... quite a few months, and I'm finally blogging it!
Do not be deceived by appearances though, I am not as unselfish as you may think. Yep, this was originally for me! But who's the gorgeous model? Why, my Mum of course!

I made this jacket as part of a class. I'd decided to take a class for both the social aspect, and for the learning too. I thought as this class was about making a jacket, that I'd learn about tailoring, but well, my assumption was wrong (it's a simple untailored style). Also, the friend I was going to do the class with couldn't come because life happened, so I ended up taking a class for none of the reasons I'd signed up for!
Also, this style of garment isn't really me, but I thought it'd be worth doing anyway for the aforementioned reasons. Fail!

I don't often see my family, as they live in a different city, but I took the opportunity to get these photos in my Mum's garden when I visited. I should have got some more pics of her garden- she's a terrific gardener (unlike myself, who has killed a cactus before).

I had to sew a snap on to keep the collar closed, but it's not strong enough. It's just a small plastic snap and needs to be replaced with something heavier duty.

I didn't get any pics on myself, but it definitely didn't suit me, just trust me on that. lol! I'm happy to see it going to a good home. It has a lining and everything. I think I'll have to make a million lined garments before I feel competent at them!
It's also got quite a lot of hand-stitching (this was just part of the class). I want to learn to do it by machine though! I think in many cases, hand-sewing is a bit of a crutch.

My Mum found being a model highly amusing, and I couldn't stop laughing when looking at these photos!

She does make a great model though, don't you think?
I don't have a whole bunch to say about this make. I feel like a bit of a lazy blogger lately; I don't feel very compelled to blog at the moment!
So have some pics.

Ooh dear, looks like I'll have to do some more unselfish sewing soon. It's much more fun to photograph others!

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