Friday, 29 May 2015

Polka Dot Dress

Hi guys! My blog's a bit dusty at the moment, as I got swallowed up by uni work. But I promise I've still been reading and enjoying your blogs in my spare moments, even if I haven't taken the time to comment. I read all my blogs on my phone in the Feedly app, which makes commenting a real pain. If only it was easier....

So, the dress. I made this before my life was absorbed by schoolwork, but didn't get around to blogging it till now.  Polka dots! And a boatneck! If this sounds familiar, it's because I've basically made this dress before, but in red. Well, I likes what I likes... hey, and this one is better than my previous effort so there's that!

Firstly. Pockets. Pockets forever! I use them all the time, though mainly just for my hands.
This one also has sleeves, which isn't necessarily better, really, but it fills a different niche in my wardrobe. It's getting into tights weather and I've been wearing it with cardigans. I wish I'd photographed it with a belt too, as I love it with a skinny belt!

The sleeves don't fit perfectly. I though I had them pretty sorted as I've used the sleeve in my other versions, but the difference is that those ones were gathered. This one seems to pull a little and my thought is that I need to widen the shoulders by moving the shoulder seam outwards a bit. You can't even really see it in these pictures! Just one of those micro tweaks I find myself getting into as I refine my favourite patterns more and more :)

This dress was made with my bodice block, which has been getting a good thrashing, which I'm very happy about. I drafted the boatneck onto it (drawing a neckline hardly counts as drafting though, hah!), and I also drafted the 3/4 circle skirt (again, circle maths is not fancy drafting, just maths). But it did take me long enough!

Know what else took me a while? Matching the spots at the centre front seam! Omg, what a pain. I had to add a seam there since the fabric wasn't wide enough. I'm sure no-one would have noticed, but I matched the dots so the seam is hardly visible. 

GOOD LUCK FINDING THAT SEAM! Also, you can see the little bit of extra ease I leave in the waist for comfort here.

My bodice block neckline needs fixing as it isn't high enough on the back neck, so I actually raised it for this boatneck style. Ideally a bodice block should form a very close neckline but mine doesn't, since I made it out of a pattern with a scooped back, and didn't raise it enough. Anyway, my point is that raising the back neckline for this garment caused it to gape, as I didn't increase the dart at the back neck!

Cue angst about my hunched/freakish neck, hah! I am as Rochelle at Lucky Lucille would put it, a lady turtle. Eventually I decided I'd rather just put some darts in all my garments than agonise over it. 

But here is my dark confession- I was too lazy to alter the dart on the garment and facing! So I ended up putting in some elastic in the seam allowance! This gathers it in at the back of the neck so it doesn't gape, while being relatively subtle. And lazy, did I mention lazy?? To be honest, it probably wouldn't have been much extra work to alter the dart, but didn't want to fiddle with stitching and re-stitching if I didn't get it right...

Look, no gape! I promise I won't do dodgy things with elastic again. Maybe. Hah! Well at least I know to increase the dart intake next time :)

Here is a picture of my secret naughty elastic stitched to the seam allowance. I stretched it as I sewed it on to gather the neckline a little.
Here you can see the slight gathering effect.

I feel like this dress is just right for my style right now. Did you notice I obnoxiously matched my shoes to it?? I love matchy-matchy nonsense. 
And full skirts are so great, if a pain to hem. First I overlocked the raw edge. Then I used my blind hem stitch on my vintage bernina.  I need more practice, as I find I get chunks where I don't manage to catch that little nip into the outer fabric. I hope you know what I mean! I gabbed about it a bit more the first time I used it, which was on my other polka dot dress.

Machine blind hem.
All worth it for the twirling. :)

Look, proof of the centre front seam on the skirt! 
As you can see, no fancy finishes in the guts. Just a simple neckline facing and overlocked seams.

I hope you like this dress, as I photographed my latest finished cardigan with this dress too! Heh. Make hay while the sun shines eh? So you'll be seeing that pop up sometime in the future :)

Oh! By the way, you might have noticed my blog is less awful-looking now! I'd never really cared that much about how my blog looked, until I suddenly did, so I changed it (hopefully you agree it looks better now!). I even made my own cute little clicky buttons on the sidebar, which took me forever since I really had no idea what I was doing!
This youtube video helped me with the blog icons...most other things were googling and trial and error! I managed to delete my Disqus in the process, but succeeded in getting it back. Heh!

Let me know what you guys think and if you spot any bits that need touching up ;)

Old blog, eew!
New blog, yay!
Now that I've handed in (most of) my assignments it seems I'll finally have some free time. 

I look forward to it, and finally getting back to making things for myself! :)