Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Completed: Bunny Dress with Pom Pom Trim

Yay the weather is finally warming up!! Summer clothing time! <3

Alright! Time to start off with a dress covered in bunnies. What? I enjoy dressing like a five year old, don't judge! lol :)

This is self-drafted using my bodice block. I know what you're thinking though... isn't that just like the Sewaholic Cambie Dress? Why didn't I just use that? Well, for one, I already made it, and the fit was bad. It bugs me every time I wear it *shudder*. Secondly, I like to draft stuff. And third, this IS slightly different: It has a front button opening, and has full straps, instead of front straps that attach to a full back bodice.

The Cambie back bodice, for your reference.

The strap thing is important: I wanted to incorporate this adorable pom pom trim I had, and thought it would work way better as straps, instead of trying to weirdly make it work with the strap/bodice combo.

The pom pom trim and the pockets are my favourite things about this dress! SO CUTE! Oh, and the fabric of course!

This is similar to the fabric I used in my Cat Lady dress, and the reason for that is that they are part of the same range of fabric, "Dear Little World". I don't usually buy quilting cotton, but sometimes I just want an obnoxiously cute dress.

Cat Lady Dress!

Next time I would straighten out the centre front bodice earlier, as it sort of curves up subtly at the centre. But clearly I enjoy the pockets way too much to focus on that...

The biggest thing I would change is the straps. I like where they sit on the front just fine, but I think they are too far out to the sides at the back.  The shaping at the shoulders is also off - too high at the inner edge, and too low at the outer edge!

Look how far apart the straps are... whoops! lol :P 

All of this means they easily fall off my shoulders. I installed bra strap holders (bought at local store Made Marion) on the inside so my bra would help keep them in check. Because I was too lazy to fix the straps, I just made more work somewhere else. Perfectly logical.

I was too lazy to make the changes the straps needed for this dress, and I'm happy enough with them this time, but if I made it again, I'd try to improve them! Anyway, I've already worn it out and about, and the straps didn't bother me, so it was fine.

I think I like how they curve off the shoulder, but tried them sitting on the shoulder, and that's an option know, IF I make this again.

Straps ON the shoulder. I prefer them curving off it though, it's kinda like a cap sleeve!

I love how drafting from my block means I don't have to worry about fit. I don't understand why more people don't do this. Drafting is fun!

Also, I made a tulle petticoat. Most of these pictures I don't have it on underneath, but it does add a bit of puffiness. I mixed up the photos and don't care enough to figure it out. Hah! I'll have to post about the petticoat in a separate post!

I lined the dress in cream voile. One of the bits about drafting your own stuff is making up your own instructions. Which admittedly slows down my sewing, but I made it work!
It also helps to have crafty friends like fellow blogger A Charm of Magpies to donate her sewing brains!

I wanted to self-line the whole bodice, but didn't have enough fabric! I interfaced the whole outer shell of the bodice as the fabric is lightweight. I also interfaced the self-facing at the centre front, but only on the button part. Same with the skirt; the narrow facing for the button band is interfaced. I wasn't sure if it looked weird jumping from the wide bodice facing to the narrow skirt facing, but I can't think of a better way to do it. Construction advice gratefully received, as always!

Anyway, that's my dress... bring on summer, and bring on more summer dresses (and better photos... lol!)