Sunday, 6 December 2015

Completed: Shirt!

I made this shirt hmm, over 6 months ago. By the time I finished it, the weather was too cold to wear it! So it's only just being blogged now. It's my first shirt!
I look kind of glum in these photos, and it's not just that I'm not in love with the garment, but also because I was a bit under the weather when I took them!

The pattern is Butterick 5526, but I opted to leave the sleeves off and finished the armholes with self-bias facing. Sorry, no pics of the inside, I forgot!

Funnily, when I got it out to photograph it for the blog, I was like WHOA, this looks so legit! Then I remembered all the mistakes I made during it and looked a little bit closer and was like... oh yeah, I definitely made this. Haha. For instance, I got too frustrated with the collar, so when I realised I'd sewn the stand with the interfacing on the outside of the garment, I decided I didn't care, HAH. It's white so doesn't show. But you can see if you look closely... I wonder if it will survive the wash?? :P

I made this way harder than it needed to be. For one, I tried to alter the pattern to fit me, so there was a whole muslining/toileing business. It was quite a while ago, but I think I made three. The whole reason I chose to make this pattern was because I didn't feel confident frankenpatterning the collar onto a different pattern, but really, that would have saved me a lot of time!

I was also really nervous about the collar construction as it seemed fiddly and scary. It's really not as bad as all that. I mean, I stuffed up a bunch and did a LOT of unpicking, but that's part of the process of learning. Haha!
Since I made this shirt I've become more confident and I'm trying to train myself out of being scared of new sewing techniques!

The fit turned out okay after all my tweaks- I did end up over-fitting it a little though. I also realised that since I'm such a lover of high-waisted skirts, I'm probably going to be tucking it in a lot anyway! No one will see how the back princess seams accommodate my rear. Lol!
I feel like it's a bit weird at the back armhole area though. I compared it to my bodice block and the bodice block has a much longer back armhole. I think it's also a little wide in the back armhole area.
I don't know if I should leave it as is, or try to tweak it. Lol, I don't want to get that thing where you try to fix a fitting issue and end up making it worse!

It's a bit hard to diagnose fitting issues when it's tucked in though!!

Then of course, there's also the fact that I want to make a full-sleeved version (ooh, cuffs!), so I'll have to fit the sleeve. I supposed I should try to fix the armhole if I do that. Yawn! I want some instant gratification!!

You can really see a difference in the strain lines at the neck when the top two buttons are undone though!

Fully done up neckline

Button undone at top helps it relax a bit!

I put it on with some pants so I could show the fit. These photos and this fabric really show every crease. Oof! I think it looks worst at the back waist, but at least the shape fits over my rear properly (unlike most tops). Also, there's a black bug on me in these photos. Haha!

So anyway, the style. It's a pretty basic shirt, and well, it kinda bores me. Plus the colour! No, no, this won't do. It's not cute enough! I look like a sensible adult! (Noooo!)
I'd like to make some more shirts, but I will have to make them more "me".
I even tried adding a cute necklace, but I still feel so boring in it. I mean, the skirt is pretty plain too. So that doesn't help (I do love this skirt a lot though- the post on that is here).

Oh no, I still look sensible!! lol
So what do you guys think? Fit-wise, how do you like your shirts? Any tips? And what's your favourite way to style a shirt? :)

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