Sunday, 31 January 2016

Completed: Roses Dress

Happy Summer! I'm so enjoying making summery clothes and not being bundled in 100 layers.

Isn't the print the cutest? It's a cotton I got at Fabricabrac.
I didn't fuss too much about this make, as the fabric gives it a casual feel.

If I had been fancy I would have lined the skirt, but I wasn't feeling like putting the effort in, given how casual this dress is. I probably should have, as I can't wear dark undies under it now. lol :P

I made the pattern from my bodice block (big surprise) and I added a button warp extension, as well as a turnback facing, so the edge of the bodice is on the fold. I made a lining pattern to seam onto the shell fabric at the edge of the turnback facing. Clear as mud?

So when I sewed it the vertical seams, the lining and bodice formed a tube! Then I turned back along the fold line and sewed the neckline and the rest of it.
Have you read about people trimming off a few mm from the lining edges to help it roll to the inside of the bodice? My lazy way to do that is to misalign the shell and lining as I sew to achieve the equivalent of trimming. Haha!
I've probably said this before, but I only use 6mm seam allowances on the neckline and armholes. It's so much easier and eliminates bulk and trimming.

I really like the bright buttons, I feel like they work well with the cute, bright print. I don't normally wear warm, orangey colours, but for this scattered print I feel it works fine :)

Pockets! And hem

This time, I experimented with turning my bodice darts into a princess seam. I feel I didn't get the shaping perfect, as I just free-handed it on the pattern, but I have altered the curve for next time so it's a bit more smooth as it comes out from the armscye. As it is, it looks a little bit too rounded for my taste. Hidden in the print, no-one will notice I'm sure!

I went with a gathered rectangle for the skirt. It's gathered at a ratio of 2:1 which I find to be a nice amount of fullness.

Also, pockets are the best.

I am really enjoying wearing my dresses and skirts with skinny belts right now, I feel it adds a finished look to the outfit, and I can have it tighter or looser depending on how I feel!

Maybe you guys are getting a little tired of seeing my bodice block in all the iterations I've been making with it lately. I'm not! I love a fitted bodice. I feel like I exist in a weird little non-commercial-pattern space right now. In many ways, I feel that makes my blog less popular, but I'm really happy cos I'm doing my own thing.
Maybe we need a blog event for people who like to draft their own patterns, so we can all celebrate together! I know I'd like to find more blogs where people do their own thing, not just use commercial patterns and review them.
What's your stance on patternmaking, and do you have any blogs to recommend me? :)

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