Sunday, 24 July 2016

Outfit-along 2016!

Happy Outfit-Along 2016 everyone!
Here I have a cardigan and skirt and top :)

The A-Line skirt I am wearing is similar to the Sewaholic Hollyburn, which is the official sewing pattern for the Outfit-along. However, I made the pattern myself as an experiment.

The corduroy was from an op shop and I feel it looks like it's seen better days. It's far more shabby than other cords I've worked with and as such this feels more like a wearable toile. It also collects dust and hair apparently.

Lapped zip and button in waistband

I faced the waistband with a plain cotton to reduce bulk.

Blind hemmed with my blind hemming foot, after finishing the edge with an overlock.

I like the way the skirt's shape turned out but I will improve it next time. I used my skirt block, which I haven't used before now! I should really make a post sometime on how I developed it.

To briefly touch on the patternmaking, when you create the A-Line skirt you rotate part of the dart value to the hem. I rotated out the darts that were closest to the side seams as per instructions in the Armstrong text. However, my back darts look silly as the inner darts are so close to each other! Next time I would rotate in the inner back darts out instead.
I am not sure if this is an issue with my block, or if it just goes to show that each block has different features that must be worked with to achieve the best result :)
My block DOES have quite a lot of dart value since my backside is so big compared to my waist! Lol :)

These back darts are too close together and look silly to my eye. Focus on the back of the cardigan instead lol ;)

I just eyeballed the pocket shape and placement and I think it turned out okay. I cut the pockets with the nap of the corduroy going the opposite way to the skirt, oops! But it doesn't really show. I mean, it's a subtle feature...yeah, that's what it is...

I like patch pockets as a cute feature to an otherwise very plain skirt.

As for the top, I have used this sleeve previously and it looks really quite different this time!
The previous time I used it, I used it with the Sewaholic Renfrew top. This time I'm working on trying to develop a knit top block that fits me perfectly, but I haven't got there yet. In my previous Renfrew tops, the shoulder was a bit too narrow. But I think having it a bit too narrow actually helps the gathers of the full sleeve sit better? I think this fabric is also a bit of a different drape of course, so that is probably a factor. But you can see that the puff sleeve kind of likes to sit straight up in the air which looks a bit funny!

My previous puff sleeve top. Shoulder is narrower and the gathers sit more rounded.

Any thoughts on puff sleeves guys?
Maybe next time I will take a little bit of height out of the sleeve and that might help it retain a gathered puff but not stick up so high?

Neckband overlocked on and top stitched with twin needle.

Twin needle hems. I try to get the zig zag right on the raw edge of the fabric so it's nice and neat! This is an art considering you have to stitch it with the right side up!
Anyway, I also made a cardigan! This is Primrose by Cecily Glowick MacDonald. Honestly it's so simple I sort of regretted buying it. I could have just plugged in a stitch pattern and made the cardigan pattern myself. But then again, having someone choose the stitch pattern for me saves me time and all the unncessary decision-making angst I like to do!

One thing I really didn't like about the pattern is the weirdly wide neckline. I rewrote it so it was narrower. It's not really me knitting if I don't change anything,

As you can see I lengthened it and gave it waist shaping too. Told you I should have just written it from scratch! It's a dark navy, although it looks grey in these pics...

I love the k1 p1 invisible sewn bind off for rib! It takes a while but looks so good. This picture is not the best though, sorry! 

When I got to sewing the buttons on, I realised I'd forgotten to make a buttonhole in the neckline ribbing...OOPS!  I just hand stitched, pulling some of the ribbing to make a hole big enough for the button. HAHA. Luckily the ribbing was quite loose and the button small, or I'd have had to do something more serious! Love those easy fixes... lol.
And I just realised I never got a picture with the whole cardy done up. Oops!

WHOA my hand looks amputated here

This is pretty much my uniform right now: Full skirt, cropped cardy, and there's usually some navy and/or a small scale print in the mix. Well, what can I say, I stick with what works for me!
I'm not 100% sure on my flower headband though. I made it myself and I honestly don't wear it much, but that might be because I always wear a hat outside and I don't want to crush the flowers :P

Fake flowers sewn on an elastic band. Fancy (not)
Anyway, do you have a uniform? 

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