Monday, 19 June 2017

I made: Pink Shirt with Scalloped Collar

Hey! I still exist. I've just been so busy with school.
Here's a shirt!
I designed my own scalloped collar and put it on the Sewaholic Pendrell blouse pattern I've been using (why reinvent the wheel right?)
I first mocked up the body of the garment, then put it on my dress form, then made a mock-up collar and stand out of card and paper.
It worked pretty well!

I think it looks like there is a little excess in the armhole in these pictures; I'll have to evaluate that next time I use the pattern. But I do like a little ease in the armhole too.

Next time I'd decrease the depth of the scallops slightly to make them easier to sew without compromising the look of them. I used a paper tracing of the pattern piece marked with the seam line and stitched through it before ripping the paper off and trimming away excess fabric.

I pivoted and sewed a stitch across the top of the scallops but I next time I will try out several methods to see which works best for a nice shape!

Insides are pretty standard:

This was a fun project but I finished it ages ago and since I've dropped off on blogging, I'm only just getting around to showing it. 
I also shortened the skirt I'm wearing with it- I made it when I first started sewing but it was a little frumpy. It's much better with the inch or two I took off.

Apologies for the slightly brief post but I'm not in a big blogging head-space right now!
Hopefully I'll get more into it at the end of the year as I do enjoy it.

Alright I'll leave you with this goof pic:


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Polka Dots at the Museum

Hey everyone! Quick post from me today! You may have noticed my blog is full of tumbleweed; it will continue to be for the next few months as I do the last year of my degree!

Here's me a while ago at the Dowse vintage beach wear exhibition "At the beach". It was full of fun retro garments!

The dress is the same one I made here, but I made it with ruffles on the straps. Next time I would place a wider ruffle in the front as the party is all in the back!
I also added a very narrow button band to the front.

I really like this dress, but just as with my other version of it, the waist seam is all over the place.
I think because there is no structure at the top of the bodice, just straps, it shifts everywhere. The heavier bodice in front seems to pull the garment forward so the back waist raises up.
Not a huge deal but I wish I knew how to solve it!

Why do I look so stern here?
The other thing about the bias straps is that they relax over time and my armholes become a little lower.
Last time the bias on the sides of the skirt dropped, so this time I attached the ruffle without overlocking the seam, then let it hang for a few days and droop, and THEN I unpicked the sides of the ruffle and levelled the top part of the skirt. This leaves the ruffle a uniform length. It was a bit of a pain! But I felt the skirt might not drop enough if the ruffle wasn't attached and weighing it down.

I'll leave you with a picture of me looking like a complete dork trying to pose like a mannequin.