Monday, 19 June 2017

I made: Pink Shirt with Scalloped Collar

Hey! I still exist. I've just been so busy with school.
Here's a shirt!
I designed my own scalloped collar and put it on the Sewaholic Pendrell blouse pattern I've been using (why reinvent the wheel right?)
I first mocked up the body of the garment, then put it on my dress form, then made a mock-up collar and stand out of card and paper.
It worked pretty well!

I think it looks like there is a little excess in the armhole in these pictures; I'll have to evaluate that next time I use the pattern. But I do like a little ease in the armhole too.

Next time I'd decrease the depth of the scallops slightly to make them easier to sew without compromising the look of them. I used a paper tracing of the pattern piece marked with the seam line and stitched through it before ripping the paper off and trimming away excess fabric.

I pivoted and sewed a stitch across the top of the scallops but I next time I will try out several methods to see which works best for a nice shape!

Insides are pretty standard:

This was a fun project but I finished it ages ago and since I've dropped off on blogging, I'm only just getting around to showing it. 
I also shortened the skirt I'm wearing with it- I made it when I first started sewing but it was a little frumpy. It's much better with the inch or two I took off.

Apologies for the slightly brief post but I'm not in a big blogging head-space right now!
Hopefully I'll get more into it at the end of the year as I do enjoy it.

Alright I'll leave you with this goof pic: