Fav Knits, 2014 and earlier


Brennan cardigan

Marion Cardigan

Washington Square
Blackberry Cardigan

Knit for Victory: My first vintage knit

Honeybee Cardigan

Georgina Cardigan

Blair Cardigan
Agatha Cardigan

Mary Jane

Milena Cardigan
Vancouver Fog
Francis Revisited


  1. HI, I'm impressed with how well your knits fit!!! My biggest issue with knitting and the reason I stay out of it is I don't know how to control the fit. Any helpful hints?

    1. I'm very careful with my knits- I do my best to ensure I'm working with an accurate gauge swatch and do calculations to make sure I'm getting the right stitch count to get me the ease I'm after. I've found that for a slim fit, 1-2" of negative ease in a cardigan is good. You can go even smaller for a top with no buttonband though I haven't tried that yet!
      I take notes so I can refer to previous projects for guidance.
      I also love top-down garments as you can try on as you go.

      I like to add custom body-shaping (like increasing more for the hips as I am pear shaped), though you will have to do extra maths for that. It all depends on how technical you want to get. Heh. Let me know if this helps and if you have any more questions! :)

    2. Oh and just remember, knitting is very forgiving as it stretches to fit ;) So no need to worry. If you do some basic calculations you should be fine, even if certain areas have different amounts of ease!

  2. Thanks! very helpful. Looking forward to seein your next project. These are so pretty I have closet envy :) !


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